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Tech Brief: CubeSat Confusion – Technical and Regulatory Considerations

Success in space flight operations is often difficult due to the harsh space environment. Naturally-occurring charged particles and other cosmic radiation cause short and long-term issues with on-board electronics and mechanical mechanisms; extensive amounts of UV light degrade satellite surface treatments; and the extremes of heat and cold challenge satellite designs. Additionally, self-induced issues involving […]

Tech Brief: Adding Another Dimension to Small Satellite Constellations

Satellite constellations for Earth Observation almost invariably use duplicates of the same satellites to provide higher temporal resolution or greater coverage. The value of Big Data applications often depend on the fusing of different sensor information. If instead constellation satellites are equipped with a variety of sensors, these can be configured to provide more complex […]

Tech Brief: Using Swarms of Small Satellites for In-Space Manufacturing

With the emergence of a new space-to-space servicing sector, along with the return of manned missions beyond low earth orbit, there is an increased need for quick, efficient, and most of all, safe Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO). An additional next big step forward may be true manufacturing in space, which could take advantage of […]

Tech Brief: New Smallsat Regulations

Small satellite innovation has advanced at a rapid pace over the past decade, but until recently satellite licensing procedures have lagged behind technological innovation, imposing significant regulatory and financial burdens on small satellite operators during early stages of system development. This speaker gives an overview of the licensing and authorization regimes in the United States […]

Tech Brief – 5G Connectivity from LEO

There is a strong push for cellular standards in the space industry and it is apparent that commercial utilizations in a large scale is getting closer. However, this push entails significant technical challenges in terms of connectivity, backhaul integration and operational features. 5G will be transformational in many aspects of the satcom ecosystem from stimulating […]