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Dr. Ben Malphrus, Executive Director of Space Science Center
Morehead State University

Dr. Ben Malphrus is Professor of Space Science at Morehead State University where he also directs the Space Science Center. He has served as PI on several nanosatellite missions including Lunar IceCube, KySat-1, CXBN 1 and 2, and TechSat-1.  Dr. Malphrus has served as the project lead on over $30 million R&D grant funding and led the design of a $16 million R&D center for space sciences that opened in Kentucky in 2010. He is currently PI on Lunar IceCube, a NASA mission to the Moon to investigate the transport physics of lunar volatiles including water ice. Lunar IceCube will launch on the maiden voyage (Artemis 1) of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). Dr. Malphrus is co-editor of the recently released CubeSat Handbook, a resource for smallsat developers. In the late 1990s, he developed a theory of galaxy formation that has gained wide acceptance among the astronomical community.

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