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Rosalie van der Maas, CEO
Ellipsis Drive

Rosalie van der Maas is co-founder and CEO of Ellipsis Drive. A plug and play solution for using, sharing, and selling spatial data.

Before she started building her career in her twenties, Rosalie spent her time on the water as she climbed the ranks of the Dutch rowing league. Aside from a passion for sports with a finnish line, there was also a passion for art. Rosalie was accepted into a Dutch Design academy at the age of 15, which she chose not to attend in favor of a college education at the University of Amsterdam (BSc) and Wageningen (MSc), the Netherlands. Here Rosalie gained an academic background in earth and environmental sciences, development and innovation, while she organized events on Big Data & society at age 20, and founded her first company at age 22. She got a taste for tech entrepreneurship while living in Chicago and brought that dream to life with her brother, and partner in crime, Daniel.

Rosalie is driven to use technology to level the playing field and bring down barriers between people and opportunity. With Ellipsis Drive she works to make spatial insights easily accessible for all. Removing the steep technical and financial prerequisites that keeps people from informed decision making today. Rosalie believes that, for the betterment of people and planet, open data is good, accessible data is better, and unrestricted collaboration is best.

When Rosalie isn’t working she still enjoys filling up an empty canvas, and when she isn’t home, she still likes to stretch her legs. Only now having replaced sports with mountain climbing and trekking through the arctic. Always accompanied by the people she trusts most, including her brother and her wife.

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