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Tim Ellis, CEO & Co-Founder
Relativity Space

Tim is co-founder and CEO of Relativity, the first autonomous rocket factory and launch services leader for satellite constellations. Relativity is the market leader for a new platform to build and fly rockets and other aerospace products. They recently created the largest robotic metal 3D printer in the world and tested their entirely 3D printed Aeon rocket engine over 124 times. Tim played a leading role in closing over $80M of partnerships with the U.S. Government, including the first-ever venture-backed company to win an Air Force launch site award at Cape Canaveral. Previously responsible for bringing metal 3D printing into Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and a propulsion development engineer on Crew Capsule RCS thrusters, BE-4, and New Glenn. Alumni of USC and played a leadership role in launching the first student-designed and built rocket into near space. Testified to the U.S. Senate on commercial space policy and is the youngest member of the National Space Council UAG by nearly 2 decades, and directly advises the United States White House on all space policy. Has spoken at numerous conferences including CBInsights Aha! and TEDx. Relativity is backed by Playground Global, Social Capital, Y Combinator, Mark Cuban, USC, and Stanford.

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