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CMT is a global services provider that offers affordable high-speed LEO Tracking Antenna Systems, antenna installation, maintenance services, and Lease Space Agreements (LSA) to include access to integrated worldwide teleport infrastructure and services used in a variety of Communication and Tracking applications. CMT and partners have over 30 years of experience in building satellite ground infrastructure, hosting antennas, and providing network management for government and commercial clients. CMT assists clients to establish fully integrated remotely operated services with minimal intervention. All teleport sites are fully operational and are in the perfect locations to host LEO constellation tracking antennas. Space is available across the globe on secure sites to provide horizon-to-horizon views with almost no blocking. In addition, CMT has dual and diverse fiber connectivity, 24/7 engineering cover, and resilient power to provide the highest levels of support. CMT is a trusted provider of teleport hosting and services designed to solve the world’s toughest technical challenges

Company Website: http://www.CmtLeo.com