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SatCom IoT is a rapidly growing technology in its own right and seamlessly integrated with mobile communication. For this reason, SatCom IoT based on open standards from the mobile industry is a shortcut to market launch and to attract a profitable customer base.

GateHouse SatCom provides solutions specifically developed for space enabled services. With a standardized 5G satellite NB-IoT NTN solution, you get a proven solution based on open 3GPP standards.

The solution ensures that data is acquired from a massive number of devices distributed across the earth and delivered to a destination on ground for further distribution to the end user.

For more than 20 years GateHouse SatCom has provided the satellite communications industry with a range of market-leading data communication software solutions for commercial, governmental and military use. Our main areas of experience are satellite communication protocol stacks, frameworks, waveform components and test tools for advanced satellite communication.

Company Website: http://www.gatehouse.com