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Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) was founded on the belief that daily space travel will revolutionize Space Services and the way we can improve life on earth. RFA offers a fast, affordable and flexible access to space, to enable data-based services from space infrastructure. The RFA space deployment service enables full operationality of small satellite constellations within hours from launch.
Since its foundation in August 2018, the team of space enthusiasts from all over the world is constantly growing. A true combination from the best of both worlds, with specialists from the NewSpace environment and from the established launcher industry.
The scalability of the launch system combined with the re-ignitable orbital stage enables flexibility on-orbit. Delivery of a full small satellite constellation including phasing of satellites, RAAN changes, and dedicated delivery into different altitudes are some of the unique features. All focused on the fastest operationalization possible in order to empower rapid revenue generation for customers.

Company Website: http://www.rfa.space