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SEOPS is a full-service provider for launch systems and deployer solutions. We provide a turnkey service including the coordination, manifesting, safety, verification, and launch of your payload in to orbit. We provide these services using our range of patented deployers, with proven flight history. We can support testing and analysis, payload development, and radio licensing. SEOPS is continuously looking at different ways to solve problems, evolve our current solutions, and meet future customer requirements, all at a disruptive price. SEOPS has an engineering design team that works with our manufacturing partner.
Slingshot is a >450km / 51.6d Deployment solution that leverages the most reliable space infrastructure in the world, the ISS, and associated visiting vehicles.
Equalizer leverages the same technology as Slingshot, but are designed for the SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare program. We are compatible with multiple launch vehicles, inclinations and altitudes.
All our hardware is US built, owned and operated.

Company Website: https://seopsllc.com/