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TTXMISSION (pronounced ‘Transmission’) is a US and UK-based New Space company that is reinventing smallsat communications. Quest™, our flagship product, is a CubeSat-compatible, radiation-tolerant modem (Software Defined Radio) that supports CCSDS DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X waveforms at up to 1Gbps, along with features such as H.265 hardware-based video compression. All frequency bands from 75MHz to 6GHz are directly supported onboard, with other bands (X, Ku, Ka, etc.) requiring offboard up/down conversion. A fully compatible ground station modem is also available. The SDR can optionally host the flight computer software and supports various payload sensor electrical interfaces and up to 128GB of mass storage, making it the most powerful and versatile smallsat communications solution on the market. MissionSpan™, our network management system, supports the real-time monitoring and control of any number of satellites and links. TXMISSION has created a unique end-to-end ‘all-in-one’ solution that takes care of all your smallsat processing requirements.

Company Website: https://txmission.com